Katrina Kaif
Bollywood Beauty, Hot and Sexy Actress
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Katrina Kaif

Bollywood Queen, Best Actress
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Name: Katrina kaif

Born:  16th July 1984

Katrina Kaif is one of eight siblings, all girls, from a mother who is a Caucasian of British Nationality, and a father who was formerly from Kashmir, India, but who has since acquired British citizenship.Katrina grew up in Hawaii, but was brought up in London, UK. She started modeling accidentally when she was in Hawaii at the tender age of 14, when she was approached for a jewelery campaign. Thereafter she continued modeling in London.

Continuing to model was the reason she got her break in a Bollywood movie "Boom" offered by none other than film-maker Kaizad Gustad.She was flooded with modeling assignments the minute she set her foot on Indian soil, especially with her innocent expressive face, hour-glass figure, and drop-dead gorgeous looks. Professionally she started off as a model with photographer Atul Kasbekar, and upon being accepted, she received offers from LG, Cola, Fevicol, Lakme, & Veet. It was the Lakme commercial that got her noticed. She retained Matrix as her Manager to accept work on her behalf and at the price she deserved.

Moving to different culture and country was not much of a culture shock for her, as she states that no matter where you come from, the bottom line is that everyone wants to be loved, respected, and cared for. Unlike other artistes from foreign lands, Katrina did not experience any difficulties in getting a visa nor of getting it extended in India. Although linguistically challenged, Katrina puts on a bold face and states that other Bollywood artistes like Sridevi, who did not know Hindi, did get offers from Bollywood film-makers, and she is no different. She is taking Hindi and dancing lessons to fit in with the Bollywood culture. She likes to display a picture of her learning Kathak dancing where she used to dance 7 hours a day non-stop. Despite of her soft gorgeous looks, she is not easily intimidated, but admits that she is very emotional, almost an incurable romantic, wears comfortable non-revealing clothes when at home, hates to do her hair, and above all dislikes make-up. Admitting to being lonely in the beginning, but now has several nice friends who she can hang out with.

Although her first movie "Boom" was panned by the critics and shunned by the audiences, two other Telegu movies "Malliswari" and "Pidugu" did get her noticed. She grossed Rs.70 lakhs for Malliswari - making her top the list of the highest paid actresses during a South Indian movie debut.Not done with South Indian movies, she has been signed in a Tamil movie "Bheema" opposite National Award Winner Vikram.She has received decent reviews for her part in "Maine Pyar Kyon Kiya", as well as a brief appearance in "Sarrkar".

She is taking Hindi and Kathak lessons to accomodate to the Bollywood ways. Her most treasured possession is a picture of her dancing, which was taken when she finished her 40-day training in Kathak (where she used to dance seven hours a day non-stop!!)

Katrina Kaif admits that she is very romantic person and dreams far too much of romance and love. She is extremely emotional. "When you are in love, the person you are involved with should mean everything to you..." she says. She also reveals that her biggest asset is not being afraid. "I don't get intimidated easily so there's not too many restrictions on what I can or can't do" she says.

But don't be fooled by the way she looks--she might wear bold outfits on the screen but is most comfortable in not so revealing clothes in at home. And the one thing she hates is make up. "I hate wearing make-up. When I leave my hair loose, I don't wear any make-up. I feel a lot more comfortable that way. I wish we didn't have to wear make-up."


Posted By : harsh 05/09/2010 14:17:08
Boom the only film which does not suit her

Posted By : harsh 05/09/2010 14:16:32
Boom the only film which does not suit you Katrina kaif

Posted By : raja nadesan 26/04/2010 23:53:54
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Posted By : shailendra 16/02/2010 17:52:25
lovely indian girl.....

Posted By : vinod kumar 05/01/2010 08:46:45
You are a hot and sexy of other bollywood female actress.

Posted By : Remaz 13/09/2009 12:16:05
she is the bestmay be better than the best she has surpassed all the beauty of the passed and she is more beautiful than beautyfullness and I praise the Almighty who is surely the most beautiful who made her

Posted By : Remaz 13/09/2009 12:10:26
best everrrrrrrrr

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Posted By : Dr Mahesh Bhimwal 14/03/2009 15:35:57
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Posted By : Anil Batta 08/03/2009 06:10:09
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