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Sonia Gandhi's Profile
Name : Sonia Gandhi
Party : Indian National Congress(INC)
Constituency : Rae Bareli
State : Uttar Pradesh
Gender : Female

She was born in Ovassanjo, Italy, in 1946 and married into Nehru- Gandhi Family in 1968.

She Toured India with her Mother in Law Mrs. Indira Gandhi but remained detached from politics.
Even during her husband's regime after Indira Gandhi's death, she never took active part in the politics, After Rajiv Gandhi's assassination she was offered he post of congress president but declined the offer.

She joined politics 6 years after her husband's death initially to campaign for Congress in 1999 elections And now she is all involved in politics.
Her foreign origin has from the beginning given her opponents an issue to propagate negatively.She married Rajiv Gandhi in 1968 and has lived in India ever since.
She has a son, Rahul, and a daughter, Priyanka.

About Her political History:

Sonia Gandhi was first elected as a Member of Parliament to the 13th Lok Sabha from the Amethi Parliamentary Constituency of Uttar Pradesh in 1999, getting 67 per cent of the polled votes.

On 18 May, she recommended noted economist Dr. Manmohan Singh for the Prime Minister's post.

On 23 March 2006, Gandhi announced her resignation from the Lok Sabha and also as chairperson of the National Advisory Council under the office-of-profit controversy and
the speculation that the government was planning to bring an ordinance to exempt the post of chairperson of National Advisory Council from the purview of office of profit.
She was re-elected from her constituency Rae Bareilly in May 2006 by a huge margin of over 400,000 votes.

As chairperson of the National Advisory Committee and the UPA chairperson, she played an important role in making the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme and the Right to Information Act into law.

She addressed the United Nations on 2 October 2007, Mahatma Gandhi's birth anniversary which is observed as the International day of non-violence after a UN resolution passed on 15 July 2007

She has been elected to the 14th Lok Sabha from the Rae Bareily Constituency of Uttar Pradesh.

She was named the third most powerful woman in the world by Forbes magazine in the year 2004 and was ranked 6th in 2007.She was also named among the Time 100 most influential people in the world for the years 2007 and 2008.


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