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Lucy Liu
Lucy was raised in the Italian neighborhood of Queens, New York..
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Name : Lucy Liu                                                                Date of Birth : December 2, 1968

Place of Birth : Queens, New York                                  Birth Name : Lucy Alexis Liu

Height : 5' 2''                                                                     Profession : Actress

Nationality : American                                  
Best Known As : Ling Woo on TV's Ally McBeal

Education :
High school at Stuyvesant H.S.
New York University (dropped out within a year)
University of Michigan at Ann Arbour (a degree in Asian languages)

About Lucy Liu
Lucy was born December 2, 1967, in Queens, New York. She is a sexy, accomplished actress, and most recently played Shanghai Noon in "Charlie's Angels", co-starring Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz. Lucy was raised in the Italian neighborhood of Queens, New York, by her parents, immigrants from China. They raised her in the American way, yet she couldn't help but feel culturally alienated because of her Asian background. Lucy graduated in 1986 from Stuyvesant High School and went on to attend New York University, where she only stayed for one year. Lucy transferred to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and graduated with a degree in Asian languages and cultures while also studying acting, dancing and singing.

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Posted By : sabari 25/05/2010 10:09:53
Beware sexy babes are there

Posted By : gg 03/05/2010 21:14:53
no doubt a complete beauty...she is superb...gg

Posted By : pradeep kumar 18/06/2009 21:34:57
Its Nice to See Such a wonder full creation of Almighty. Really its Wonderful and as is his ways of representation

Posted By : kaushik gyanendra 24/02/2009 01:15:13
hi kya sexy ho tum kas tum meri hoti

Posted By : yogendra pratap singh 22/02/2009 18:09:10
a really very nice n good body figure .

Posted By : Nimish 13/09/2008 14:35:03
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Posted By : Akbar 10/09/2008 16:38:54
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Posted By : Irfan sheikh 10/08/2008 14:55:00
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Posted By : Shailesh 09/07/2008 13:48:59
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