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  Pooja Hegde - Miss India Finalist 2009


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Pooja Hegde
Miss India Finalist 2009
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  About Pooja Hegde  
Pooja Hegde is one of the Top 20 finalists of Femina Miss India 2009.Biography of Pooja Hegde coming soon....

Posted By : senthil 23/09/2010 13:12:06
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Posted By : Naseer Ali 15/02/2010 12:00:57
Very nice looking and good girl. So beautiful and have to keep the innocence on the face.

Posted By : Satish sharma 05/04/2009 20:50:42
Congratulations pooja you have won the contest and I am feeling very lucky and happy to announce that you are the Miss india 2009.

Posted By : raghu 05/04/2009 11:22:56
pooja looking at very beautifull

Posted By : Prashant 04/04/2009 11:24:31
You are so cute n cut

Posted By : Ash23 04/04/2009 10:33:33
hey pooja looking so gourgeus.....

Posted By : shashidhar 04/04/2009 00:52:14
very good looking

Posted By : Manoj 03/04/2009 21:29:49
sooooooooooooooo.............. cute

Posted By : K Nageswara rao 03/04/2009 13:05:09
Pooja is looking very smart and cute. Definetly she will win Miss India contest. Best of luck pooja. knrao MBA.

Posted By : deenadayalan 03/04/2009 06:01:30
Pooja is looking good and i feel that she is sweet hearted

Posted By : raja 26/03/2009 22:05:27
Pooja or Nandini only two are good looking . By rajasekar

Posted By : Sudheer 25/03/2009 15:03:02
Nice smile very smart typical Indian and intelligent face. Sure to be in the three finalists

Posted By : Dean luv 25/03/2009 11:41:02
Complete Indian Gurl look... yeah thr is hope...

Posted By : Deepak 24/03/2009 13:33:00
Pooja really u r looking so beautifull




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