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  Hanika Paryani - Miss India Finalist 2009


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Hanika Paryani
Miss India Finalist 2009
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  About Hanika Paryani  
Photograph Courtesy : ( Mr. Rahul Dutta )
Hanika Paryani is one of the Top 20 finalists of Femina Miss India 2009.Biography of Hanika Paryani coming soon....

Posted By : Rakesh Kumar Singh 06/04/2009 10:06:45
She has better chance to win and best of luck.

Posted By : Rakesh Kumar Singh 06/04/2009 09:57:28

Posted By : pawan 05/04/2009 16:04:46
perfect desktop girl... best wishes

Posted By : vishwesh 05/04/2009 07:32:14
atleast more beautiful than filmi actresses and at par with european models...keep going. best wishes. vishwesh

Posted By : arjun sharma 04/04/2009 14:18:41
she is the best face and figure in all. she really deserve to win. my vote is for hanika

Posted By : Vijaya Saradhi Kuppa 03/04/2009 23:21:11
Mmmhh..some good fresh face..your clothing and apparels do not go hand in something..wish you the best....vijay

Posted By : suresh 03/04/2009 11:50:27
2 piece se kaam nai chalega ... to b a winner u need 1 piece

Posted By : suresh 03/04/2009 11:48:01
sex bomb h yar..mastXXXXXhain

Posted By : Kenny 03/04/2009 00:11:14
Nikhil youXXXXXyou are probably the sort of person who has a huge complex in life. and are very very ugly. And you can never get such gorgeous and talented girls in your whole life. You obviously neither have the talent nor the money or anything to boast about. So STOP scrutinizing these girls with your disgusting eyes and comments. Have a nice day

Posted By : Nikhil 31/03/2009 19:36:01
if you dont have b o o b s then please wear pads...... u will look better...

Posted By : sunny singh 30/03/2009 18:21:09
Hanika i think u r the most deserving Miss India 2009

Posted By : ashutosh mishra 25/03/2009 19:01:54
will you marry me

Posted By : parveen 25/03/2009 09:04:34
sweet name huh delicious

Posted By : amit 23/03/2009 10:13:45
superb and very beautiful ..




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