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Follow the rainbow this season with the trail of cheerful, bright colors that skipped down the runways for spring '08. These optimistic hues are a welcome departure from fall's gothic obsession with all things black. Color-happy fashionistas will dress from head to toe in eye-popping colors like daffodil yellow, vermillion orange, verdant green, hibiscus red, bold fuchsia, wild violet and cobalt blue. Whether you go intense all over or simply go bright with an accent, just look to the crayon box to follow this trend.
Sprites & Imps Inspire Fashion
Faeries and wood nymphs flitted down the spring/summer 2008 runways adorned in leaves, petals, and even a few wings. To enter this land of enchantment, hunt down this trend's whimsical, feminine frocks whipped up from wisps of light, fluid fabrics and a smattering of delicate sequins. Designers imprinted ethereal creatures and finely attached playful details of foliage, feathers, and flowers to airy frocks, bringing an imaginary realm into the real world.
Transparent Fashion
Some sheer styles left little to the imagination on the runway, but on the street, women will be wearing designs featuring layer upon layer of translucent textiles, revealing the body with equal doses of subtlety and taste. This trend's filmy fabrics and diaphanous treatments are accentuated by sorbet hues and washed-out tones for a nude-to-neutral palette.


  Throughout history, the world's most fashionable women have understood the power of the accessory. Women's fashion accessories tend to be both extremely trendy and also deeply personal....more
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