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Caring for your skin


Cleanse your skin in the morning to remove oil and the dead skin cells that accumulate overnight.

Use lukewarm water on your face: water that's too hot can dry out sensitive facial skin.

Soap is an absolute no-no for the face as it disturbs the natural moisture balance and it takes several days for the skin recovers.

Regular exercise, even just a brisk walk, will give your skin a healthy glow.


Yes, you probably know that you should drink a lot of water. Flavor with lemon, orange, melons or cucumber – use your imagination and quench your thirst!

Pressed powder is ideal for eliminating unwanted shine; bring the powder with you in your handbag.

To check what shades of make-up suit you the best, try different shades in natural light on your jaw line, because this is where you can see if the color goes well with both your face and your neck.

Reddish facial skin can be neutralized with a yellowish face cream, for example Rosy Tone Color Corrective Cream. Then apply your normal foundation on top.

Avoid coffee, alcohol, and cigarettes as it can have a negative effect on your skin.

Your skin needs its beauty sleep too, as skin cells regenerate while you sleep. Eight hours a night on a regular basis is a good rule of thumb.







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Five steps to beautiful skin


1. Wash your skin carefully with a cleanser both morning and evening. A clean skin is a vital guard against     spots and blemishes.

2. Remove the final traces of make-up and cleanser with a toner, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

3. Follow-up with a moisturizer that softens and protects your skin, and prevents dehydration.

4. A night cream nourishes and repairs your skin while you are sleeping.

5. As a special treatment, use scrub and mask once or twice a week, as this will increase the efficiency of your    daily routine.

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